Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is the process of monitoring, branding, and creating a positive digital reputation & credibility for businesses that have a web presence.

In this digital age, your first impression in your online presence no one will ask for references user search directly on Google. A negative review can damage your business reputation and also your customer who is online for you. So how to manage this negative reputation?

Brand Reputation Digi enlight

Here we are to help you out in this situation, ORM services in India can provide opportunities to grow your business with happy customers and brand awareness. At Digi Enlight, we will identify and clean all the damaging content about you or your company like negative google reviews, negative google results, or any negative social media posts. As well as we also make and promote positive content of your business so if someone searches for your company they will only get good things about your business.

Everyone might know how important is having a good reputation for your business growth. That also applies to digital reputation. If you have a negative reputation online, it will impact your new customers and your business objectives. Our ORM team in India will deal with everything about your company’s brand in the web community. Like blogs, news sites, search engines, forums, and social networking sites.

Our Reputation Management Process

monitoring Digi enlight


Our online reputation management service monitors the virtual conversation and helps reduce the impact and visibility of negative search results by creating and promoting positive messages about your business.

Positive reinforcement Digi enlight


Distorted, incorrect and undesirable links in your search results unfavorably shake the impression you make when people seek you online. Create and Optimize positive links on the top searches on our brand related keywords.

Branding Digi enlight


We will create SEO optimized promotional blogs and article pertaining the information of the client on the basis of Keyword appearance. Our team of media experts compose articles that are newsworthy, resonate with your customer and match your business objectives.

SMO Digi enlight


In the world of Marketing strategy the acronym SEO or Search Engine optimization is one of the more important factor for the visibility of a website or a web page. And search engine gives more importance to social profile.

Online review management Digi enlight


Monitoring and managing reviews, ratings and feedbacks from users on review management systems and social media. Increasing rating on Google and other related sites.

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